Starry Night

I'm Alice and I'm 15, I live in England, and I love music.

darquestegrimoire asked:
Hmm, I'd say a mixture of a Deredere and a Tsundere, perhaps?
I answered:

Thanks Patch - I miss you a lot :( x

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doitshoe-latvianus asked:
Dandere probably
I answered:

that’s interesting, thank you my lovely :* x

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exhalea asked:
Alice !! please cat!!! Ily !! Thank u!! Xxx
I answered:


hey alice!! :-)

A View To A Kill - Duran Duran

Leg of Lamb - QOTSA

Innuendo - Queen

Closer - Kings Of Leon

Endors Toi - Tame Impala

Thank u and love u!!! Yay!!! Xxx

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